Web Multisig for Everscale Business and Private Accounts

The most user-friendly, convenient and flexible Everscale web multisig wallet with confirmations from Surf accounts.

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Take control of your company's crypto assets by jointly confirming transactions with your collegues and partners

Flexible Custodians

Add and remove multiple team members as your company expands while confirming every transaction by multiple custodians.

Use Existing Wallets

If you already have a Surf wallet, there is no need to create any extra accounts for the business as you can confirm with your signature directly from Surf.

Open Source Solution

Get the business-grade level of security and safety by leveraging the audited and reviewed open source web multisig wallet for Everscale.


We do not collect any of your data, so you are free to commit operations without sacrificing your privacy with the option to deploy the solution to local.

How It Works

Create a Fidosafe using our web app and Surf DeBot and later confirm operations by either following a link or scanning a QR code.


Create Fidosafe

Navigate to here and click to create a Fidosafe. Once the app generates a QR code, you scan it using your Surf account. From now on, you are added as the first user and will be able to confirm transactions from a link or QR.


Choose Operation

Choose any other operation you want to complete using Fidosafe in the web app.


Scan QR or Follow Link

Scan the QR code from your Surf account and confirm the operation.


Wait for Confirmations

If you have multiple users, wait for their confirmations to complete the operation. If the number of the confirmations reaches the required threshold, complete the operation also from the web app.


View a Video Walk-through

View the walk-through video which demonstrates how to perform all operations using a new Fidosafe account: from deploying to adding users, changing confirmations, removing users, receiving and sending tokens.